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Hanbitsoft is a publishing company which represents the Korean game industry, and provides various genres of PC online games and mobile games based on a strong Challenge.

Regardless of genre or platform, we concentrate on pioneering new areas flexibly and passionately. Also Our a lot of experiences and assets accumulated through various services over a long period of time have provided users with a differentiated gaming experience, while driving revenue diversification through the use of game IP.


There are four main titles in the lineup of PC/online game currently being serviced by us. The first is 'Audition', a stylish rhythm dance game which recorded 700 million cumulative users worldwide. And there are 'Granado Espada' and 'AIKA' which are the long-serviced MMORPG and also won 'the Korean Game Grand Prize' for differentiated game performance. And the Last one is 'HELLGATE: London' which has a strong fan base all over the world. In addition, we service various titles and show our capabilities around the world.


Next is the lineup of mobile games. First of all, we service the titles using Audition IP such as 'Club Audition', a rhythm dance game, and 'Puzzle Audition', a puzzle battle game. 'Fishing Together', a fishing game using 'The Fishermen and the City' IP, the popular entertainment program in Korea, is also provided. Furthermore,'Granado Espada M', a masterpiece that inherits the legitimacy of Granado Espada, is also under development.

Recently, we are preparing for a new leap forward by combining metaverse using VR/AR technology.