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Image of Audition
Korea's The Most Popular Dancing Game


The most popular dance game in Korea! Audition!Audition, worldwidely loved dance game, is being serviced in 60 countries. It is most popular dance game enjoyed by 10 million domestic users.

Image of Granado Espada
A Whole New High-Quality MMORPG

Granado Espada

'Granado Espada' was developed by Kim Hak-gyu, as known as 'The Father of Ragnarok', and IMC Games that has an outstanding game developing skill. This high-quality MMORPG displays a delicate and beautiful Medieval Baroque style graphic with classical BGMs, which lead players to experience a realistic moment of Medieval Europe.

Image of AIKA
Massive Battle PVP, It is now 1000 vs 1000!'Aika Online'


Online Game 'AIKA' offers a massive scale PVP with maximum of 2,000 players at once. Play a Worldwide Massive Online War with a spiritual partner, Pran from AIKA.

Image of Club Audition
♥Visit The Most Popular Spot to Dance♥Find It on Mobile Now~

Club Audition

Various Songs and Costumes! Do you want to play with other people? Enjoy the Dance Battle in real time! Do you want to play alone? Enjoy the intersting story mode! Through "Club Audition", you will be able to meet various connections such as friends, couples, and FAMs. Feel the emotion on your mobiles!

Image of Fishing Together
Trust My Choices

Fishing Together

Based on Korea's famous fishing variety tv show, We put all the fun elements of show to mobile. Altogeter With familly and frends! Let's go on fishing trip with "FishingTogether"! Into the endless charm~Shall we start?

Image of Hellgate-Steam
Return of the Sensational Game!


Hellgate London is an Action Role-Playing game with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere in the near future.Infinite chances to collect numerous items and weapons to clear endless instance dungeons with various modes to defeat monsters.

Image of Hellgate-VR-Steam
To Save Humanity! We need you.


Hellgate VR is a VR Shooting Game based on Hellgate: London.Enjoy a vivid experience to fight with demons on rides: vehicels, trains, and helicopters in a realistic virtual world of Hellgate.

Image of Granado Espada M
Return of High-Quality MMORPG KRGraved in our memories!

Granado Espada MComing Soon

A Mobile MMORPG that has everything about Granado Espada!Control three different characters with various stances under a unique family system.Follow a vast storyline to experience a realistic moment of Medieval Europe in Mobile now