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Creation of world's firs content,
HanbitSoft will lead the global
game entertainment industry.


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Greetings, This is Yoo Ra Kim, CEO of HanbitSoft.

Upon the first establishment on January 1999, Hanbitsoft has made numerous foot prints in the industry such as setting the ‘Guinness World Record” for being a company that sold one million game software in a shortest period of time, receiving a grand prize for ‘Venture Business Award’ and much more. Through these achievements, HanbitSoft has played major roles in the development of PC Café culture and maintaining internet infrastructure which ultimately sustained Korea’s game industry and renounced itself as a first generation game company.

In May 2008, HanbitSoft has made its new changes with strategic cooperation with T3 Entertainment. With this opportunity, Hanbitsoft aim to make its second leap and once again become a center of the game industry with historical value and tradition. To achieve our goal, HanbitSoft is initiating collaboration with many local and over sea partners on mobile game and virtual reality (VR) area which is the next generation of the game industry. We believe such collaboration will create new opportunities and broaden our field of business.

Since last quarter of 2015 HanbitSoft has acquired popular rhythm action game ‘Audition’ as one of our lineups and created steady revenue foundation. We will be using 2016 to introduce variety of different titles that we have been preparing to get physical result. All employees of HanbitSoft will put our utmost effort and dedication to achieve greater result and your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.