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Creation of world's firs content,
HanbitSoft will lead the global
game entertainment industry.


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Since its establishment in 1999, HanbitSoft published major games such as Starcraft and Diablo and firmly placed itself in the Korean gaming industry. Based on its success in publishing international games, HanbitSoft lead Korean gaming environment and grew rapidly within the industry

Challenging ideas with flexibility to adapt to new environment is what makes HanbitSoft strong in the gaming industry. With these qualities that lead to success in the Korean gaming industry, Hanbit aims to expand into the global market.

With cooperation from local partner companies in Japan and other strategic areas, HanbitSoft successfully entered the gaming market for various countries. We are currently providing optimized gaming solution that suits the regional colors.

Also, partnership with IMC games and other game developing companies led to stable supply of gaming contents that makes Hanbit strong in both local and international gaming industry.

HanbitSoft is a major role model of OSMU that integrates character and toy business along with its game to expand its market. In May 2008, Hanbit’s major shareholder became T3 Entertainment that launched a mega-hit game called Audition. Since the third quarter of 2008, HanbitSoft started to show major profits and led to success in the following years. Synergistic effects of T3 Entertainment and HanbitSoft that shares individual professional background in development and publishing will be maximized in the near future.