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HellGate: Tokyo is an expansion pack of HellGate developed 100% by T3 entertainment. Its major background has shifted from London to Tokyo. T3 entertainment was recognized with its technology by launching HellGate Resurrection in December 2009. They were able to maintain the advantages of HellGate while introducing new world concept, system and various contents to strengthen HellGate Tokyo. Users can now enjoy oriental world system, items and monsters through HellGate Tokyo. It allows the users to feel like they are playing HellGate right on Japan Soil. Perfect background story that connects London and Tokyo and various ancient oriental monsters are combined with existing action, customized characters and random items/map of HellGate series allow you to enjoy the game at its maximum level.


Instead of using normal MMORPG game targeting system, it uses non-targeting system that was never used in online action RPG.
HellGate: Tokyo has action system that cannot be compared with other games based on its non-targeting system. It requires the users to control their characters in a detailed manner rather than simple clicks on the screen.
<HellGate: Tokyo> allows you to feel the hitting sense of FPS.
When you use "Hunter" as your weapon in the game, you can use Zoom-In screen to play your game. You can actually feel like you are playing FPS game with its original hitting and control sense. You can also enjoy area effect, lock-on control and soft targeting control to enjoy the actions of HellGate: Tokyo without having to struggle with the control. Therefore, your character's strength not only comes from stats and items but also comes from your detailed control within the game.
Experience the background story that connects London to Tokyo.
A Japanese warrior visits the character that saved London from hell. It was just a beginning in London and larger threats are now expanding toward Tokyo. London users are gathered in 팰러먼트 광장 to ask for help in <HellGate: Tokyo> Go to Tokyo to save the world!
<HellGate: Tokyo> is filled with oriental backgrounds and monsters.
If HellGate was filled with western monsters and region, Tokyo is filled with world concept that is familiar to us. Edo Castle, Ginja street, Sibuya street and other Japanese regions will allow you to feel comfortable with the game. Check out the new oriental monsters that you need to defeat.
<HellGate: Tokyo> is a RPG game that provides high-quality random creation system that uses "Instance Method"
As soon as the gamer steps into the game, a map with random area will be created. Therefore, gamers will able to experience new games every time they play. Unlike other RPG games, users create their own stories within the game to increase their experiences.
Hellgate: Tokyo aims to solve its game balance problem in a unique way.
Gamers can solo-play in their individual area but also play in an online community. They can also choose to play in their individual area without being hindered by other users if they wish to. Spawn camping, kill steal, quest farming, unwanted player killing no longer exists in HellGate Tokyo. It also provides "instance" map within the game to maximize the fun and minimize the problems.