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Large darkness before the storm

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Next Generation PVP, NOW 1000 vs. 1000! Aika Online "Aika" is an on-line game that professionalizes in war by allowing 2,000 users to fight all together. It provides various range of contents such as large nation war system and soul mate Pran system.
It is equipped with strong action and hitting sense within the game. Users can choose to become warrior, crusader, sniper, dual gunner, priest and night magician based on their war type preferences to enjoy different controls within the game.

Gamers who knows how to fight in the war, Gamers who knows how to enjoy the war And soul mate who will embrace from deadly war.


Siege warfare that will determine the fate of your nation!
Obtain the power and rule the nation!
Aika siege warfare held in Crac des Chevaliers depicts clashes between legions to elect the ‘marshal' that represents the country. Total of 16 legions can fight in the war. Defending team can set the guard tower location and repair the walls to gain advantages during the siege warfare. The attacking team can take away the guard towers and expand their respawn region to gain the momentum. Enjoy the warfare that can be played by more than 1,000 players at once.
Endless war between the nations!
Who will become the ruling nation among 5 competing nations.
If siege war is a war between legions in a nation for the "marshal" position, nation war is a large-scale war that is fought between the nations for their relics. Each relic is designated with various gifts (experience points, drop rate increase and others). If the relic is placed in the nation's "데바르" (safe house), its citizens will cherish its benefits.
However, when they are stolen by the enemy, its benefits will go to the other nation. It will strengthen the nation If you can steal the relic from the other country. You won't have time to relax your nerves because large-scale war will not end in your screen. Enjoy the war participated by more than 1,000 users at once.
Soul mate Pran!
Enjoy raising pran, player's friend and soul-mate in the game. You can watch it grow differently based on different quests and growth methods. You can feed it and purchase nice outfit to increase your friendship.
Optimized Client!
Unlike other MMORPG that requires high-end computing system, Aika Online allows you to enjoy large-scale 1000 vs 1000 war in low-end PCs.
High quality graphic!
It allows you to feel like you are watching an animation with great graphics in even low client capacity. Aika allows you to enjoy a speedy game as if you are actually in the war.
You also can enjoy combo techniques and hitting sense within the game.